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Hi, I'm Paul, and welcome to The Wild Ox, that's me.

There are many things I'm passionate about, but the most important things to me are personal wellness, community and looking after the planet.

And that is what I, The Wild Ox, offers.

I'm new to Whitley Bay and I'm eager to support my new local community to wellness, coming together and creating positive change in our part of the world.

What I Want To Share

I've suffered from many illnesses in my 41 years, including depression, back pain and osteoarthritis. I've developed a toolkit to help me improve and maintain my wellbeing over the years and through The Wild Ox share that journey with you.

Some of the things I've learned and teach are

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Qigong & Tai Chi

  • Healthier eating for me & planet

  • Hiking & exploring Wild Places


How I Share What I Love

2020 was the year many of us learned to teach and learn virtually. It was hard for me, I love being around people, but it meant I could reach more people. 

Now that things are kind of back to normal I still teach online with prerecorded content.

But now I'm looking to set up a group here in Whitley Bay to bring people together, to share my journey, my practices and join me on adventures into the wild.

How Do I Join?

That's a great question, and I have the answer.

Writing this on 22nd Nov 2022 I'm redesigning my website right now, this page is temporary, but very soon you'll be able to join in online with online programmes, video tutorials and the online Wild Ox Sangha.

I'm working right now on securing a venue for running the in person Wild Ox Sangha in Whitley Bay area.

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My Journey So Far

1988 - 2008

2011 - 2016

Wow, 20 years, it still surprises me now. Thats how long I'd suffered with mental health problems. My first suicide attempt was when I was 7 years old, and since then between other health problems, severe bullying and being a victim of rape I had suffered with recurring episodes of depression and anxiety. After many sessions with therapists I realised the only way I was going to heal was under my own steam. Enter Mindfulness, the practice that changed my life forever.

In this year I finally qualified as a Mindfulness Teacher, having benefited so much from the practice and beginning to experience what it was like to live feeling happy for the first time in my life. I wanted to support people like me and set up my own charity to deliver Mindfulness programmes. In 2016 an old back injury from 16 years before reared its head. I was virtually bed ridden at times with the pain. It was at this point I discovered Tai Chi and Qigong, that was such a relief, and because it helped me so much I trained as a teacher in these too.

2020 - 2022

In 2019 I discovered my passion for saving the planet and decided to go vegan, this had amazing benefits, for my body, my soul and helps the planet too. 2020, the year we'll never forget. All my classes were cancelled, it was time to reflect and rethink. I set up Ox Qigong, in a bit of a rush, to be able to keep teaching. It was also the year I rediscovered my passion for exploring the wild places in nature, and in 2022 I qualified as a Mountain Navigator to run hiking and camping groups in those same wild places. That then brings me here, a new resident to Whitley Bay near Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

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