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with the right tools anyone can find hope in the most darkest moments of life.

recovery from mental health problems has been a big part of my life, and I want to help others find the same hope

for me recovery involved qigong, meditation and connecting with nature.

my online recovery course encompasses the principles that movement, mindset and environment play crucial roles in promoting recovery

Lancashire Recovery College Transparent.

In 2019 the Lancashire Recovery College commissioned me to run a workshop introducing their members to the practice, followed by a 6 week course to people with a variety of health conditions.


Having worked in health and social care for 17 years and running a charity I have a keen understanding of people with both mental and physical health needs. Together we can work together to devise the best way to deliver a programme which meets your organisation's needs and ultimately helps improve the lives of the people you support. I can and have delivered courses and workshops for organisations in the voluntary sector as well as the NHS.


Complete the online registration and we'll set up your custom Recovery College page where your members can access our unique Ox Qigong Recovery online program.


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