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Ox Qigong in partnership with NHS Lancashire Recovery College invites you to explore how you can improve your physical and mental wellbeing using a digital platform.

The courses and workshops here focus on supporting you in topics that Ox Qigong has over 10 years of experience in delivering.

Each session is delivered by live video stream to you, allowing you to engage in each session from the comfort of your own home or at venues used by Lancashire Recovery College.




The Ox Qigong Recovery program is designed to help you begin your journey to recovery and a healthier happier life for you and the planet. Incorporating Ox Qigong body and mind practice, a selection of meditations suitable for beginners and home based projects you can do to help wildlife and the environment.

In addition to the online program you'll also be added to The Ox Herd online community group, where you can discuss topics, share your experiences of the practice, and connect with others.


Challenge sign up date: Participants must set up a login by this date

Challenge Start Date: This is the date the challenge will start

Duration: The number of days the program lasts

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This form can be customised to collect relevant data for monitoring and evaluation. The primary purpose is to generate a list of participants who will be invited to the selected challenge 7 days before the start date.


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