ox forest project is the
charity i set up to support
people and planet

i'm 40 and in my lifetime the world has changed, and not always for the better...

with increasing ill-health in people, the climate crisis and mass extinctions of animals, o.f.p is my way of contributing to help rebalance nature and help people improve wellbeing too.

Tai Chi Practice
for people

nature offers so many opportunities to improve your wellness

we aim to provide a place for people to experience the great outdoors and for wellness practitioners to offer their own retreats.

Beautiful Nature
for planet

the planet needs our help right now, and together we can help.

to help the planet we want to start by creating a forest for wildlife and provide opportunities for wildlife educators to lead activities.


I want to support
The Ox Forest Project

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when you purchase a plan with ox qigong 25% of the profits support this project.