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The Wild Ox Foundation Programme
The Wild Of Foundation Programme is your gateway into the Wild Ox Sangha.
It gives you an insight into what you can learn in the online sangha.
  • Explore the essential basics of Meditation and Mindful living
  • Discover the healing art of Qigong
  • Find balance and harmony with Tai Chi
  • Experience the healing gained from plant based eating
  • Join me on your first adventure into the healing embrace of Nature
The Wild Ox Sangha
The Wild Ox Sangha is an online space where I share my own journey of healing and transformation with all to tools and practices which have allowed me to find peace and serenity through the storms of my life.
its also your space, to connect, share, learn and grow using everything which has helped me. 
What's available in The Wild Ox Sangha
Once you've completed the Wild Ox Foundation Programme you'll open up a whole world of healing and transformation for body, mind and soul.
  • In app community group for learning and sharing
  • Tutorial videos for Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi and More
  • Programmes to deepen your practice and understanding
  • Virtual group events
  • Virtual Personal Coaching
  • Member only discounts on retreats and wilderness trips
More about what's on offer
Mindfulness is a way of living and a meditation practice which helps you to live more engaged in the here and now.
Here's how it helped me and can help you too.
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Helps you feel more content and at ease in yourself
Improves self-esteem & confidence
Reduce high blood pressure
Eases chronic pain
Improves sleep
Relieves depression and anxiety