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2020 has shown us that that our priorities should be people and planet

with your help and sponsorship we can support both the wellbeing of people and planet.


At Ox Qigong we're passionate about 2 things, the wellbeing of people, and the wellbeing of our planet.


For people we help them learn and explore Ox Qigong, Meditation and Plant Based eating, and for the Planet we help people learn about the changes they can make in their own lives and the local environment to create a healthier world.

Do you share our passion? Do you want to help create a positive impact for the planet? Is your business invested in creating a healthier planet and healthier people with products which are made from sustainable materials and help reduce animal suffering?

If the answer to all of these is YES then lets work together.


We provide 2 services which we aim to make freely accessible to everyone, and with your sponsorship you can help us ensure that everyone regardless of their circumstance can be supported to learn, grow and change the world.

Forest Ox Qigong

My community in Blackpool, Lancashire has always been a deprived area, with high rates of physical inactivity, illness and mental health problems as well as being home to some of the most poorest and most socially isolated people in the UK. Since the COVID-19 pandemic all these problems have been magnified. Forest Ox Qigong helps people come together, walk and practice Ox Qigong to improve both mental and physical health. Sponsoring the Forest Ox Qigong service allows me to offer these sessions for free to those who are in need.

The Wild Ox Project

The Ox Forest Project focuses on establishing an area of land for the development of a centre for Education, Wellbeing and demonstrating how we can work in harmony with nature, from rewilding the land, creating wildlife habitats, nature friendly food growing, and working together with the local community to create opportunities for volunteering, employment and more.

To do this we need your help to get started.

To find out more use the button below. If you would like to sponsor this project use the form on this page.


So we're on the same page when it comes to wellbeing for people and planet, and here's a brief overview of what we offer to you as a sponsor in exchange for your support.

Forest Ox Qigong Events
  • Logo, link and bio on our sponsor page

  • Logo on local promotional items

  • Tagged into posts or our paid adverts about these programs

Ox Forest Project
  • Logo, link and bio on our sponsor page

  • Logo on promotional items

  • Tagged into posts or our paid adverts

  • Short video about you on the project page

  • Staff volunteering opportunities

  • Staff camping retreats

  • Naming of our facilities and wildlife areas

  • Opportunities to sell your products at our project centre


When you register your interest to sponsor you will be sent our full sponsorship document by email to consider.