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The Wild Ox Online
The Wild Ox Foundation Programme
is your gateway to healing.
It gives you access to everything that has helped me recover and connect in a single programme with access to a growing library of video content.
On the Foundation Programme you will:
  • Explore the essential basics of Meditation and Mindful living
  • Discover the healing art of Qigong
  • Find balance and harmony with Tai Chi
  • Join me on your first adventure into the healing embrace of Nature
What's available in the app
One the app you can access everything you need to bring harmony, balance and connection to your life,
  • In app community group for learning and sharing
  • Tutorial videos for Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi and More
  • Programmes to deepen your practice and understanding
  • Virtual group events
  • Member only discounts on retreats and wilderness trips
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